Redman Defies Odds As He Wins His Comeback Match At URCC Bets 5

Lo Shen Pho March 23, 2018

Photo: Round One MMA

Ring rust, injuries and not-so-young age… these were the factors that the MMA community predicted would work against the comeback fight of Fist Gym’s Richard “The Cannibal” Redman. They were all wrong.


On March 23, 2018 at URCC 5 BETS, Redman defied the odds as it only took him less than 5 minutes to dispose of his younger and bigger opponent, Brian Paule. Sticking with his game plan of closing the distance immediately, Redman wasted no time in securing the clinch and takedown. Ending on a top half-guard position, he relentlessly pounced on Paule and eventually secured a rear-naked choke in the first round.

Photo: Round One MMA

After his hand was raised by the referee, Redman, in tears of joy, yelled at the crowd, “You thought I was done. You all bet on the wrong guy!”.  During his post-fight interview, he thanked his Fist Gym training camp for believing in him and for coming up with the game plan.  He has set his sights at the 170-lb division and is all but ready to claim the URCC welterweight belt.

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