Injuries in martial arts are very common. A large percentage of practitioners would attest to this fact and ironically, this does not prevent them, mostly if not all, in pursuing the sport they love.

The types of injuries common to martial arts are concussion, joint and bone fractures, muscle strains, bruises and cuts & lacerations. Sad thing is that injuries can’t be fully prevented. Good news is that the risk can be minimized.

Adhering to the tips below might just allow you to train well another day:

Educate yourself on the potential risks of injury. Nothing beats mental preparation prior to physical training.

Train under the supervision of a certified instructor. Statistics show a large percentage of injuries are incurred during unsupervised sparring. Some students just don’t know how to control their responses during sparring. Most of the newbies go hard at it and as a result, they either injure themselves or their.

Enjoying the sport you love

Contributor: Jose Lorenzo

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