Fist Gym’s Mike Bunag won via TKO at round 2 versus Hyper MMA’s Arnel Lumibao. The event billed as PXC Laban MMA was held at Batangas City, Philippines on August 30, 2014.

During the opening seconds of the first round, Lumibao threw a counterpunch against the forward-moving Bunag that hit him in the left eye. This caused visual impairment on Bunag and he was unable to land his strikes in the zone. Lumibao capitalized on this as he effectively countered Bunag’s attacks. At the second round, Bunag resorted to his clinch game, of which Lumibao had no answer to. With his Muay Thai clinch effectively breaking his opponent’s posture, Bunag threw several knee strikes. Two landed effectively on Lumibao’s head and these dropped him to his knees. With killer instincts on, he took Lumibao’s back and pounded him with a barrage of hammer fists until the referee stopped the bout.

After the fight, Bunag’s corner admitted that they were about to throw in the towel prior to the start of the 2nd round due to Bunag’s difficulty in seeing with his left eye. But the warrior within him prevailed and proved to be the determining factor in his victory.

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