Mark “Mugen” Striegl Earned his 17th Win at URCC’s B.E.T.S 4

Black Mickey December 13, 2017

Photo: Journal Online

It was another perfect execution of his game plan that won the judges’ nod for Fist Gym’s Mark “Mugen” Striegl during a 3-round MMA bout at URCC’s Casino Filipino (CF) Battle of the Extremen (B.E.T.S 4) held in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. It was the Asian MMA Superstar’s professional MMA win against 2 losses.

His wrestling trademark and unpredictabale striking attack kept his opponent, Ki Sum King, guessing the whole three rounds. Shifting stances from orthodox to southpaw, in-and-out attack, plus relentless takedown attempts earned him the score of 30-27 for a unanimous decision win.

Photo: Yin Quintin

Adding to the excitement was a face-to-face standoff between current URCC featherweight champion Do Gyeom Lee after the fight. Do, who’s a teammate of Ki at Wang Ho MMA, went inside the cage after Striegl was declared the winner and criticized Striegl’s performance. “How can he be called an Asian MMA Superstar when he doesn’t have a title? I don’t see anything special with the way he fought tonight,” uttered Do. Both had a heated exchange of words. This set the stage for a title bout between both fighters in September 2018.

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