(Photo credits: PXC Laban MMA)

Fist Gym’s Neil Laraño wrestled his way to another unanimous decision win at the third installment of the Pacific Extreme Combat-Laban MMA held in the Baguio Convention Center last February.

Laraño relied on strategic strikes to set up his signature takedowns in three rounds to earn both the judges and crowd’s favor against a hometown fighter, Keiff Mangusan of Team Torogi, the MMA stable founded by three-time World Muay Thai champion Brent Velasco.

After successful bouts in his division against Darwin Camusol and Aldwin Recede, he credits the streak to coaches and teammates for the grind and gameplan comprised of striking, grappling, strength and conditioning, and punishing rounds of sparring.

“They push me to the limits during training and follow the gameplan, which is to go to my strength—wrestling,” says Laraño. “I knew my opponent was a good grappler and also a strong fighter, so I really challenged myself. I trained for this fight by how I train each day.”

Showcasing sound jiu-jitsu skills in countering Mangusan’s early attacks on his arm and neck from the ground, the featherweight is looking forward to further expanding his arsenal as a mixed martial artist to get a shot at fighting in the PXC’s main stage.

“I’m always thinking I need to be better and stronger for my family and my team,” Laraño says. “I have the mindset that I’m a nobody so I can keep pushing myself to be better.”

Posted by: Carol Pajaron

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