They’ve likely caught your eye while training—the sleek design and snug fit in basic black and white—easily worn by a homegrown Pinoy MMA fighter and your gym buddy.

The crossover appeal of Sagupa Signature Fight Shorts ( has made it one of the brand’s bestsellers, according to owner Alberto Bayot.

“We highly recommend it for both pro fighters and practitioners because of the value for money you’ll get from the shorts. We provide good quality shorts at a much lower price than the international market,” he says. “It’s very comfortable to wear and will last long to boot.”

The use of a four-way stretch fabric enables a full range of movement favored by both casual and seasoned grapplers. It curiously does away with the elastic waistband; instead, the slight stretch of the fabric and built-in drawstring allows you tighten the fit according to size. This smart feature addresses the common complaint of getting your skin pinched.

The waistband also has an additional lining so your shorts won’t slip or loosen even while in motion. Sagupa also made sure that the internal pocket is big enough to hold your mouthguard in between rounds, or your mobile phone or car keys when you go for a run. These tweaks show Sagupa’s firm grasp of the needs of their market, giving the company an early edge.

Bayot recalls being approached by his trainer who wanted to borrow his fight shorts for a match.

“It struck me that our local fighters, especially the ones still starting out, could not afford buying gear because the mainstream brands were too expensive,” he says. “A few days late,r I was browsing social media when I saw a promotional poster of a famous local fighter—he was posing draped in a Philippine flag and wearing a pair Hayabusa fight shorts. I thought to myself that it would have been much better if he was wearing a local brand. I told Joana (his partner in Sagupa) about my idea and we started working on it. The rest is history.”

Upcoming and seasoned fighters like Dave Galera, Edward and Eric Kelly, including Fist Gym’s own Neil Larano, Nilo Vidal, Richard Redman and Jerry Legaspi, have all donned the proudly Pinoy brand.

“I use mine for training and actual fights,” says Larano. “Sagupa’s fight shorts are very durable.”

Despite a few constraints in the local textile and manufacturing industry, Sagupa remains hard at work in releasing new designs in the future while retaining the same standard of quality for its customers.

Posted by: Carol Pajaron

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