Photo credits: Yin Quintin

It took Jovan Galarosa of FIST Gym to modify his triangle choke submission attempt to win his MMA bout against Paulo Reyes of Subsport PH at the first-ever FightCon event held on July 2, 2016 at the Amoranto Theater.

The first round saw Galarosa pouncing on Reyes with precise jab and straight cross. But Reyes was able to close the distance and took down Galarosa within the one-minute mark. The rest of the round had Reyes on top side control, as he nullified Galarosa’s armbar submission attempts.

The second round had the same story, with Reyes closing the distance early in the round and was awarded a takedown. He landed on Galarosa’s closed guard and dished out a ground-and-pound strategy. Galarosa defended by effectively controlling the wrists and continuously attempting all sorts of submission techniques… armbar, triangle choke, guillotine and kimura reversals. But Reyes had a good base and posture that mitigated Galarosa’s attempts.

Photo credits: Yin Quintin

The final round had the makings of the previous rounds but this time, Galarosa was able to sneak it in a belly-down armbar. Despite of the tremendous joint pressure on his elbow, Reyes didn’t tap and continued to regain his top position. During this transition, Galarosa sneaked in a “modified” triangle and it was at this point that he eventually choked out Reyes.

Photo credits: Yin Quintin

Posted by: Jose Lorenzo

Date Posted: July 2, 2016

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