Fist MMA Fighters Shine at FightCon 2017

Jose Francesco

May 14, 2017

Fist MMA Team has again proven its mettle at FightCon 2017. Fighters Nilo “The Rock” Vidal, Patrick Dos Santos and “The Relentless” Neil Laraño have all won their respective bouts.
FightCon (Fight and Conditioning Convention) was held at MetroTent Convention Center on Saturday, May 13, 2017 and showcased MMA and Muay Thai bouts.

Photo: BurnSports/RGLandingin

Nilo Vidal vs. Philip Gomez

Vidal threw a sidekick at the 2nd round which sent Gomez to the canvass. A vicious ground and pound was then unleashed by “The Rock” and this led to a guillotine choke from the top position.

Photo: BurnSports/RGLandingin

Patrick Dos Santos vs. Abel Madia

Right from the get go, both fighters had intentions to knockout each other as they both threw heavy leather. But it was Dos Santos’ boxing and Greco-roman wrestling that spelled the difference as the  he took down and mounted Madia in an uncontested fashion. The ground and pound was too much for Madia as the referee stopped the fight in the early minutes of the 1st round.

Photo: BurnSports/RGLandingin

Neil Laraño vs. Ferdinand Batac

Laraño’s game plan coming into the fight was to wrestle and pound. He did this for three rounds and gained the judge’s decision for the win.

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