Fist Gym’s Mark “Mugen” Striegl Overpowers Andrew Benibe at URCC30

Jose Francesco

August 13, 2017

Photo: BurnSports.PH/RGLandingin

It took only “Mugen” 53 seconds of the first round to dispose of Benibe via shoulder lock submission at URCC 30 held in August 12, 2017. The featherweight MMA superstar took the center of the cage during the first few seconds and caught a kick from Benibe and transitioned to a single-to-double leg takedown. Striegl easily passed to side control and executed his trademark scarf hold. Striegl got hold of Benibe’s left arm and trapped it between his legs for the shoulder lock submission.

Photo: Ritrato Zilvidu

It was Striegl’s 16th win as a pro MMA fighter and his 2nd in URCC. His last fight in URCC was back in 2011 and was a win via rear naked choke versus Crisanto Pitpitunge.

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