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ONE debut on Saturday in Jakarta versus Egypt’s Sherif Mohamed (8-2). The first few seconds of the first round saw a takedown from the Egyptian against the Manila-based Ukrainian fighter. Subora was able to avoid damage while on his back and was able to get up and score a takedown in return. Subora had ground control and moved to a mount position where he rained down punches on Mohamed. Due to numerous strikes, Sherif gave his back to avoid more damage and successfully got up back on his feet. But Subora dished out several punches that saw “The Shark” attempting a failed takedown attempt during the dying seconds of the first round. Subora started the second round with a barrage of strikes that forced Sherif to attempt takedowns. The Egyptian ended up underneath the Subora, and took more ground and pound from the Fist Gym fighter. Entering into the third round with momentum, Subora controlled the tempo while Sherif stuck to his gameplan of attempting takedowns. However, in the final two minutes, the tide turned and it was Sherif who became more aggressive as Subora counter-punched and evaded the Egyptian Top Team’s punches. At the end [Read More]


From left: Nilo Vidal, Jovan Galarosa, Rosenberg Rosete, Brendo Max Pudan, Alan Permelona Podium finishes by Fist Gym Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Team capped off its campaign during the 2016 Asia Pacific All-Submissions International Open. The event was held on November 19, 2016 at SM City Sucat. The no-points, the submission-only format had these fighters in action every second of the match. Unlike the usual point-based competitions, dominant positions were not awarded any points. This made the bouts more exciting since fighters were always on the hunt for either choke, joint locks, or submission holds. Purple belts Alan Permelona and Rosenberg Rosete took home gold and silver, respectively, in the Master's category. White belt Nilo Vidal joined the blue belt category and won a bronze medal. Brendo Max Pudan bagged a gold (weight division) and a silver (absolute division) in the white belt category. First-timer and white belt Jovan Galarosa fought four grueling matches to earn a gold medal in his weight division. Fist Gym BJJ Team is under Kamphuis-Fabricio Jiu Jitsu Team based in Makati City. The head coach is a 3rd-degree black belt, Stephen Kamphuis. Posted by: Paco Francisco Date Posted: November 20, 2016 [Read More]


From left: Mark Palomar, Sugar Ray Estroso, Patrick Dos Santos Photo: URCC History was made on November 6, 2016 and FIST Gym’s pro-MMA fighter Patrick Dos Santos was part of it. URCC 28 hosted the first ever 3-on-3 MMA bout in Asia in Marriott Grand Ballroom. The event featured Team Estroso versus Team Chan. Dos Santos was part of Team Estroso, who eventually won the match. Alongside Dos Santos were team captain Sugar Ray Estroso and Mark Palomar. Team Chan was spearheaded by Arvin Chan, with teammates Iyoy Espinosa and John Rey Larena. Highlights of the bout included Dos Santos being knocked down the canvass on the minute after the match started, that made the match 3 vs 2. It was then evened out to 2 vs 2 by Palomar’s brutal spinning back fist against John Rey Larena, knocking him out cold. The second round had the remaining fighters exchanging punches and kicks with Estroso eliminating Espinosa. It was at this point that team captain Chan decided to call it quits. Team Estroso was awarded the win via resignation and gained the honor of being the first team to win the historic 3-on-3 MMA bout. Posted [Read More]


Photo credits: Yin Quintin It took Jovan Galarosa of FIST Gym to modify his triangle choke submission attempt to win his MMA bout against Paulo Reyes of Subsport PH at the first-ever FightCon event held on July 2, 2016 at the Amoranto Theater. The first round saw Galarosa pouncing on Reyes with precise jab and straight cross. But Reyes was able to close the distance and took down Galarosa within the one-minute mark. The rest of the round had Reyes on top side control, as he nullified Galarosa’s armbar submission attempts. The second round had the same story, with Reyes closing the distance early in the round and was awarded a takedown. He landed on Galarosa’s closed guard and dished out a ground-and-pound strategy. Galarosa defended by effectively controlling the wrists and continuously attempting all sorts of submission techniques… armbar, triangle choke, guillotine and kimura reversals. But Reyes had a good base and posture that mitigated Galarosa’s attempts. Photo credits: Yin Quintin The final round had the makings of the previous rounds but this time, Galarosa was able to sneak it in a belly-down armbar. Despite of the tremendous joint pressure on his elbow, Reyes didn’t [Read More]


Journeyman Richie Redman found a second home in Fist Gym shortly before taking on the challenge of fighting former UFC veteran Will ‘The Kill’ Chope for the vacant lightweight belt in the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) last April 23, 2016 at the Marriot Grand Ballroom in Resorts World Manila. Photo credits: Yin Quintin With 29 fights under his belts, Chope displayed both skills and savvy, making short work of Legacy Gym Boracay’s ‘Cannibal’ and submitting Redman via rear-naked choke in just under three minutes of the first round. The latter shares on his prefight preparation in addition to cross-training at Fist for BJJ and MMA: “I did a lot of cardio, conditioning. Besides my team, I also trained with Muay Thai Association of the Philippines (MAP), the Philippine Team for my Muay Thai, and Insider Boxing Gym for my boxing.” The underdog, known for his wrestling and Muay Thai standup, showed some guts, opting to charge Chope with aggressive strikes early on. Posted by: Carol Pajaron


They’ve likely caught your eye while training—the sleek design and snug fit in basic black and white—easily worn by a homegrown Pinoy MMA fighter and your gym buddy. The crossover appeal of Sagupa Signature Fight Shorts ( has made it one of the brand’s bestsellers, according to owner Alberto Bayot. “We highly recommend it for both pro fighters and practitioners because of the value for money you’ll get from the shorts. We provide good quality shorts at a much lower price than the international market,” he says. “It’s very comfortable to wear and will last long to boot.” The use of a four-way stretch fabric enables a full range of movement favored by both casual and seasoned grapplers. It curiously does away with the elastic waistband; instead, the slight stretch of the fabric and built-in drawstring allows you tighten the fit according to size. This smart feature addresses the common complaint of getting your skin pinched. The waistband also has an additional lining so your shorts won’t slip or loosen even while in motion. Sagupa also made sure that the internal pocket is big enough to hold your mouthguard in between rounds, or your mobile phone [Read More]


(Photo credits: PXC Laban MMA) Fist Gym’s Neil Laraño wrestled his way to another unanimous decision win at the third installment of the Pacific Extreme Combat-Laban MMA held in the Baguio Convention Center last February. Laraño relied on strategic strikes to set up his signature takedowns in three rounds to earn both the judges and crowd’s favor against a hometown fighter, Keiff Mangusan of Team Torogi, the MMA stable founded by three-time World Muay Thai champion Brent Velasco. After successful bouts in his division against Darwin Camusol and Aldwin Recede, he credits the streak to coaches and teammates for the grind and gameplan comprised of striking, grappling, strength and conditioning, and punishing rounds of sparring. “They push me to the limits during training and follow the gameplan, which is to go to my strength—wrestling,” says Laraño. “I knew my opponent was a good grappler and also a strong fighter, so I really challenged myself. I trained for this fight by how I train each day.” Showcasing sound jiu-jitsu skills in countering Mangusan’s early attacks on his arm and neck from the ground, the featherweight is looking forward to further expanding his arsenal as a mixed martial artist to [Read More]


It’s a typical Saturday at FIST Gym and the place loaded with people. On one side, there’s a man deeply engaged in a one-on-one muay thai session with his coach. On another side, a mother and her young daughter are doing warm-up exercises for their boxing class. At the center, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class is in full swing, with the students practicing the day’s drill. It could very well be a scene at any ordinary gym, except at FIST Gym, there’s also a baby crawling nearby, a toddler bouncing about on the fitness ball, and a couple of tweens curiously observing the sparring going on at the BJJ class. Yes, family is welcome. The children’s presence gives the gym a homey feeling, which, to some extent, is quite disorienting, considering how the gym is actually the training ground of some of the best local fighters who break bones and make people bleed and inside an arena. But that’s a part of its charm, and it’s exactly how its owners envisioned the place when they started conceptualizing FIST Gym in 2011. “We wanted a gym that wasn’t intimidating, where enthusiasts who simply want to sweat it out [Read More]


Injuries in martial arts are very common. A large percentage of practitioners would attest to this fact and ironically, this does not prevent them, mostly if not all, in pursuing the sport they love. The types of injuries common to martial arts are concussion, joint and bone fractures, muscle strains, bruises and cuts & lacerations. Sad thing is that injuries can’t be fully prevented. Good news is that the risk can be minimized. Adhering to the tips below might just allow you to train well another day: Educate yourself on the potential risks of injury. Nothing beats mental preparation prior to physical training. Train under the supervision of a certified instructor. Statistics show a large percentage of injuries are incurred during unsupervised sparring. Some students just don’t know how to control their responses during sparring. Most of the newbies go hard at it and as a result, they either injure themselves or their. Enjoying the sport you love Contributor: Jose Lorenzo


Finally, the last of the five 3-minute punch mitt rounds just ended. What seemed like an eternity from the start is now an achievement. And you feel that you could down a gallon of water in one sitting. Hydration is the next best thing after a workout. But most are clueless as to what their post-training meal should be. Some even think that zero food intake after a workout would expedite weight loss. Unless you’re a fighter trying to make weight, this has some negative effects on your overall nutrition. Starving yourself after a workout impedes your recovery and sets your body into a survival mode, thus, allowing it to burn less calorie. Here are some basic guidelines that will help you plan your post-workout meal. Have a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one that gives your body the nutrition it needs to function properly. In order to get truly balanced nutrition, you should obtain the majority of your daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoid consumption of “empty calories”. The source of your daily calories is just as important as the number of calories you consume. You should limit your [Read More]

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