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Mark “Mugen” Striegl Earned his 17th Win at URCC’s B.E.T.S 4

Black Mickey December 13, 2017 Photo: Journal Online It was another perfect execution of his game plan that won the judges’ nod for Fist Gym’s Mark “Mugen” Striegl during a 3-round MMA bout at URCC’s Casino Filipino (CF) Battle of the Extremen (B.E.T.S 4) held in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. It was the Asian MMA Superstar’s professional MMA win against 2 losses. His wrestling trademark and unpredictabale striking attack kept his opponent, Ki Sum King, guessing the whole three rounds. Shifting stances from orthodox to southpaw, in-and-out attack, plus relentless takedown attempts earned him the score of 30-27 for a unanimous decision win. Photo: Yin Quintin Adding to the excitement was a face-to-face standoff between current URCC featherweight champion Do Gyeom Lee after the fight. Do, who’s a teammate of Ki at Wang Ho MMA, went inside the cage after Striegl was declared the winner and criticized Striegl’s performance. “How can he be called an Asian MMA Superstar when he doesn’t have a title? I don’t see anything special with the way he fought tonight,” uttered Do. Both had a heated exchange of words. This set the stage for a title bout between both fighters in [Read More]

After a 12-year Jiu Jitsu Journey, Rosete Finally Gets his Brown Belt

Black Mickey November 2, 2017 Photo: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu PhilippinesA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner’s journey is a unique one… each is defined by one’s sense of purpose, life’s priorities & personal challenges. For 44-year old Rosenberg Rosete, the 12-year journey had its significant milestones, having downtimes due to multiple injuries and a major surgery. Despite these, he slowly trekked the arduous journey and on December 2, 2017, he was awarded his brown belt by his coach and mentor, Stephen Kamphuis, a 4th degree BJJ black belt and judo black belt and head of Kamphuis-Fabricio Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Photo: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Philippines As a telecommunications executive, business owner, husband and a father of 2, Rosete had a hard time juggling his time between his work and what he loves to do as a martial artist. “There were a lot of times where I was a few steps away from the gym to train and had to take calls from clients asking them to address some pressing matters immediately. Between work and training, I had no choice but to prioritize my source of livelihood,” quips Rosete. This characterized a typical work week for him for 5 years. It was [Read More]

Podium Finishes at 2017 Asia Pacific Submission Only & ADCC Philippine Nationals

Black Mickey November 5, 2017 Photo: RLRThe 2017 Asia Pacific Submissions Only Jiu Jitsu Event was held on November 5, 2017 at the Mall of Asia, Pasay City. This competition format was created to encourage competitors to compete for submissions, instead of merely playing for points.The event saw some podium finishes by Team FIST-Fabricio, namely:Vergel Ilao – Bronze, Male Masters 1, White Belt Division, Under 69 kg, Gi Kevin Baklan – Bronze, Male Adults, White Belt Division, Under 62 kg, Gi Aaron Vargas – Gold, Male Masters 2, White Belt Division, , Under 77 kg, Gi Christopher Cortez – Gold, Male Masters 1, Advanced Belt Division, Over 77.9 kg, No Gi Rosenberg Rosete – Gold, Male Masters 1, Advance Belt Division, Under 77.9 kg, No GiAlso held on the same day and venue was the ADCC Submission Fighting Philippine Nationals.Nilo Vidal bagged 2nd place under the Male Adults, Intermediate Division, 65 kg.

Fist Gym’s Mark “Mugen” Striegl Overpowers Andrew Benibe at URCC30

Jose Francesco August 13, 2017 Photo: BurnSports.PH/RGLandingin It took only “Mugen” 53 seconds of the first round to dispose of Benibe via shoulder lock submission at URCC 30 held in August 12, 2017. The featherweight MMA superstar took the center of the cage during the first few seconds and caught a kick from Benibe and transitioned to a single-to-double leg takedown. Striegl easily passed to side control and executed his trademark scarf hold. Striegl got hold of Benibe’s left arm and trapped it between his legs for the shoulder lock submission. Photo: Ritrato Zilvidu It was Striegl’s 16th win as a pro MMA fighter and his 2nd in URCC. His last fight in URCC was back in 2011 and was a win via rear naked choke versus Crisanto Pitpitunge.

Team Estroso Dominates 3-on-3 Bout at URCC XXX

Jose Francesco August 12, 2017 Photo: Yin Quintin Team Estroso (Sugar Ray Estroso, Patrick Dos Santos & Iyoy Santos) proved to be too much for Team Gatmaitan (Mark Gatmaitan, Brian Paule & Jovit Laxamana) as the former powered their way to their second victory in a 3-on-3 MMA bout. The event was hosted by URCC on August 12, 2017 and was billed as “URCC XXX”. Patrick Dos Santos of FIST Gym showed Brian Paule a lesson or two. Dos Santos pinned Paule against the cage, took him down and pounded him from the mount position. Fortunately, for Paule, the position was reset by the officials as one of his teammates, Jovit Laxamana, was TKO’d due to strikes by Iyoy Santos. After the reset, Estroso clipped Paule with a hook that sent Paule to the canvass. This made the bout to be 3-on-1 with the last man standing, from the opposite team, was Mark Gaitmatan. With the odds against him, Gatmaitan wisely withdrew from the fight. Photo: Yin Quintin

Fist MMA Fighters Shine at FightCon 2017

Jose Francesco May 14, 2017 Fist MMA Team has again proven its mettle at FightCon 2017. Fighters Nilo “The Rock” Vidal, Patrick Dos Santos and “The Relentless” Neil Laraño have all won their respective bouts. FightCon (Fight and Conditioning Convention) was held at MetroTent Convention Center on Saturday, May 13, 2017 and showcased MMA and Muay Thai bouts. Photo: BurnSports/RGLandingin Nilo Vidal vs. Philip Gomez Vidal threw a sidekick at the 2nd round which sent Gomez to the canvass. A vicious ground and pound was then unleashed by “The Rock” and this led to a guillotine choke from the top position. Photo: BurnSports/RGLandingin Patrick Dos Santos vs. Abel Madia Right from the get go, both fighters had intentions to knockout each other as they both threw heavy leather. But it was Dos Santos' boxing and Greco-roman wrestling that spelled the difference as the  he took down and mounted Madia in an uncontested fashion. The ground and pound was too much for Madia as the referee stopped the fight in the early minutes of the 1st round. Photo: BurnSports/RGLandingin Neil Laraño vs. Ferdinand Batac Laraño’s game plan coming into [Read More]


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